What is Graduated Compression Therapy?

Knee-high socks apply gentle compression to your legs and feet, which aids in your body’s ability to pump blood back towards the heart and results in a number of health and comfort benefits.

The Nabee Socks Difference

  • Quality: Designed by nurses. FDA registered with 20+ years of medical garment manufacturing experience.
  • Easier to Wear: Larger openings to make pulling on our socks easier.
  • Comfy: Non-irritating toe seams and loose toe boxes that never squish toes.
  • Awesome Designs: The first fashion-conscious compression socks in the world!

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Nabee means "butterfly" in Korean and was the name of my father’s art gallery. I chose the name to honor my father’s superhuman dedication to creating an exceptional life, family, and business. When I was a child my father would tell me cliché stories of his life growing up in Korea. “We had no running water. I brushed my teeth with salt on my finger!” I rolled my eyes at the time... Continue Reading


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April 01, 2016

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October 07, 2015

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